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Cross Cultural Training is an important service for people that are moving into a culture and would like to take that extra step to get things started in a positive way. The training will help with knowing a great deal more about your host country and the people living there, and help improve your understanding and interactions.

The courses can be based on the number of days you are looking for and can focus on the specific aspects of your interest.

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Having a trusted local handyman is super helpful for all of those small things you need taken care of around your home during the course of your stay in a new location. From delivering and assembling new furniture, to fixing small problems around the property, to hanging pictures or shelves. Eurohome can recommend a person you can rely on for these services.

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Eurohome is able to take over what can be a complicated and time consuming process of paying your utilities. We will receive the bills on your behalf, make the regular payments for you, and then provide a single invoice to you or our company for the costs. This can save your time, energy, and the potential to make mistakes in a foreign language and in a system you might not fully understand.

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Services for furniture rental can vary from location to location, but typically you can expect a choice of furniture and household goods from a catalog, delivery services, and set-up assistance– all of which will be coordinated by your relocation consultant.

The amount of time it takes to arrive also varies, but it can be anywhere from a couple of days up to a week or two for the furniture to be installed at your home.

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Eurohome has a list of different language courses that match up with your specific needs. We will give our advice based on what is ideal for you in terms of location, price, and intensity of the course. Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll help you find it and get started with learning!

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In most locations, departure services should be organized at least a month before you are ready to leave. There are typically many things to take care of before moving, some which can require appointments with local government offices, so informing your relocation coordinator as soon as possible of your departure is the best way forward.

If you are planning to leave a property in advance of the completion of the lease please speak with your relocation coordinator immediately so they can advise on local lease termination policy.

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Eurohome has the local area knowledge and connections to be able to match our clients with their ideal short term accommodation. We take into consideration all of the needs of our client in terms of easily getting to their office or children’s school, the style and size of the property, the type of neighborhood they wish to reside in, and the budget so that their time spent in the temporary accommodation goes perfectly.

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The Pre-Arrival Program is a helpful service offered to people who want an in-depth look at life in their potential new location. Not only is an extensive tour with a local relocation consultant included, but you will also be able to visit different properties that would be suitable for you and your family and get an extended, closer look into the city and surrounding areas according to your specific interests.

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An Orientation Tour is typically what will connect all of the important places for you as you get started living in your new location. With an orientation tour you will have a local relocation consultant providing you with personalized expertise on a guided tour through the city which really fills in the gaps and connects you with your neighborhood, where to go shopping, areas to enjoy or avoid, and several other relevant bits of info related to your specific interests. It’s a great head start to living in your new location that is appreciated by the people who have the chance to take a tour.

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When it comes to tenancy and expense management there can be many, many different bills that need to be paid. Sometimes they are paid monthly, sometimes quarterly, and often they are only in the home language of the country where the employee is residing.

Rather than having an HR person deal with this with possible serious consequences if a mistake is made, Eurohome can do it locally and provide your company with a simple and organized system of payment on a regular basis.

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Eurohome has over 20 years of experience and knows the inner workings of the international relocation business. We can apply this experience and provide your company the services of our worldwide network to create a custom relocation policy that hits the mark according to your needs and budget.

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Generally the most important settling-in services for our clients upon arrival are:
– Setting up a bank account
– Getting a public transport pass
– Getting internet set up in the home
– Understanding how public transport works
– Getting an area overview so you know where to go shopping, where to exercise, and nice places to enjoy

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The school search typically takes place on the same day as your home search day(s), as it’s often best to visit schools in the areas nearby the properties you are visiting.

It is absolutely encouraged to bring your entire family along to visit the schools in advance of enrollment. This should help your children with the transition to their new school by becoming more familiar with it before arriving.

To learn more about school search assistance, please visit here:

As part of your relocation package, you will likely have a designated immigration specialist who provides you with all support. This person is focused entirely on immigration regulations and procedures and is usually separate from your assigned relocation consultant, who will help you with your local settling in and home search services at your new destination.

If you require further clarification speak to your relocation coordinator and they’ll advise you about who is assigned to help you.

For general info about immigration assistance, please visit here:

It really depends on the state of the real estate market you are moving into, so best is to speak with your relocation consultant to get their local advice. Typically around a month in advance is a good time to visit properties in most markets.

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It is highly recommended to cooperate with your relocation consultant on your home search. Your consultant will be able to provide their expert opinion on locations, ensure that you are not taken advantage of on your payment or rental agreement, and will be there to do a handover inspection of the property when you move in.

If you do wish to see some properties on your own, it is best to inform your relocation consultant in advance so they can give some advice on the properties you plan to visit and inform you about what is typical in terms of signing a contract and making your first payment.

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The number of properties you can see in a day always depends on what is available in your local real estate market. Our consultants aim for between 4 to 8 property viewings in a day, but it can be more or less depending on what can be seen on the given day. Any questions you might have about expectations for the home search can be addressed to your relocation consultant and they’ll be able to fill you in.

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As of July 1, 2016 there is an international legislation in force concerning the SOLAS Convention (Safety Of Life At Sea). This includes the requirement to weigh an empty and full container in order to provide a Verified Gross Mass (VGM). Without this VGM, a shipping company will not authorize the loading of the container.
For these additional activities, separate costs will be charged.

We always do our best to describe as clearly as possible which activities are included and which are not included. It is sometimes difficult to describe the specific work as well as the costs of third parties, e.g. port charges in the destination country.
We therefore advise you to ask us if anything is unclear so we can provide an explanation about the uncertainties.


Our offer is valid for a period of up to 3 months. Due to varying external costs, it is not possible to make price agreements for a longer period of time. External costs such as charges from suppliers and container ship prices may change. Our offer may then be subject to change depending on rising costs such as these or currency fluctuations.

There are several reasons why prices may differ. For clear comparison, we specify our offer to give you an honest and transparent estimate of the costs. Some movers charge fixed costs such as SOLAS, surcharges, etc. and others do not. It might also be the case that specific costs at the destination are not included in the quotation by other movers. At Voerman, if there are additional costs, we always inform you in advance.

Due to our years of experience, we can handle a maximum deviation of ten percent between the estimated and actual volume. In the unlikely event that the actual volume exceeds that percentage, an appropriate solution will be provided in consultation with the relocation coordinator.

A regular certified moving company offers excellent national and local service but special certifications and strict policy adherence is necessary for internationally recognized moving companies.
A professional and reliable international moving company needs to have a FIDI membership which confirms that the provider has experience with international removals. The FIDI membership is linked to FAIM or FAIM ISO quality assurance, which provides an additional guarantee to you as a customer.

Your relocation coordinator is happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your move. We know that many people are unfamiliar with the moving process; our professional relocation coordinators have the expertise to answer all your questions. You are in good hands at Voerman!


We take care of your move in accordance with the FIDI Terms and Conditions with which we serve your interest and those of our supplier. Via this link you can view the conditions.

Please click here for the link to the Terms and Conditions.

This does not need to present any problems. At Voerman, we can temporarily store your goods until your new home is ready. The goods are in a climatized storage facility and are securely sealed and guarded. Please consult the relocation coordinator about the possibilities.

Via your personal portal, you can follow your goods 24/7. You can log in and see on the status page when your goods will leave and when they will arrive.

If you move outside of the EEC, we are legally obliged to make and submit an export declaration form to the customs agency when exporting your goods. Also for entry into the destination country, local customs regulations apply. Please note that each country has its own import regulations with its own rules and laws. You are allowed to bring your personal belongings, but in some countries goods must have been in use and in your possession for at least six months. Regulations and time periods vary per country.
Prior to your move, our relocation coordinators can determine which regulations are applicable and advise you accordingly.

Depending on the agreed service and volume that needs to be moved, packing may take several hours or several days. The relocation coordinator will discuss this in advance with you so that you are optimally prepared for the move.

Try to make a realistic time plan. Moving takes time and certainly an international move will require the appropriate duration for transport, also depending on the shipping option (ship, truck, airplane). You will need to organize a lot of things. It will be useful if you already know which goods need to move and which goods can be left behind.
We advise you to refer to the checklist so you do not forget anything.


It is important that you submit the date of departure as soon as possible. If you inform us at least two months in advance, it is quite certain that we can move your goods on your requested dates. However, please keep in mind that in the moving industry there is a high season. This is from May until September. During this period, days and time slots are more likely to book up quickly. Ask your relocation coordinator for the possibilities

We advise you to leave the packing of the goods to Voerman. Your goods are not completely insured if you pack them yourself. Additionally, our professional movers pack faster and more efficiently, due to their training and years of experience.
If you decide to pack or sort out certain goods yourself, always leave the boxes open so the crew can check everything before final departure.

Your goods are not automatically insured. Insurance must always be arranged separately. A good and reliable international mover always offers you an all-risk insurance. The cost of such insurance is calculated based on the value of the goods and the removal costs.

Please be aware of the policy terms so that you know exactly which goods are not insured (plants, food, etc. can’t be guaranteed). Jewelry, money and money-valued documents must be insured separately and are subject to differing premiums. Ask your relocation coordinator for more information about the insurance of your goods.

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